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50x Blank Invitation Cards with Envelopes Vintage for Wedding Baby Shower 5x7"


  • These pre cut invitation papers with envelopes are a perfect choice for your invitation needs
  • Cardstock invitations and Envelopes are the same color
  • The sheets are available in beige color with no prints, and a vintage die-cut.
  • The cardstock paper sheets can be used for wedding, birthday, baby shower, and business invitation.
  • The pack of these invitation papers contains 50 pieces and each piece measures 5 x 7 inches.

Cardstock paper can be one of the amazing accessories to add to your stationery set. These paper sheets are a great pick for wedding, baby shower, birthday, and business invitation. These beige-colored paper sheets are available with envelopes and no prints so you can easily use them for making invitation cards.